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We believe the world is better with a diversified, inclusive, payments ecosystem.


We orchestrate payments for the world’s most innovative businesses. Global enterprises and hyper-growth companies grow their digital business faster by relying on our payments platform. Hundreds of customers worldwide secure card data in our PCI-compliant vault and use tokenized card data to enable and optimize over USD 45 billion of annual transaction volumes with any payment service. 

Core solution

Spreedly is the provider of a secure, agnostic, and flexible platform that welcomes all payments participants. Our Payments Orchestration platform allows CNP businesses to leverage value added services like account updater, network tokenization, 3DS and a strategic routing engine. 

Target market

  • Merchants (all verticals)
  • Marketplaces
  • PSP 
  • Fintech

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Geographical presence

Global (Focus on North America, Europe, LATAM)

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Member of industry association and/or initiatives

Member of: Merchant Risk Council, Merchant Advisory Group

Standards and certifications

Spreedly is Level 1 PCI compliant — the highest and strictest level — and is on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers and the Mastercard SDP Compliant Registered Service Provider list. 

Spreedly has passed its SOC 2 Type 2 audit with no exceptions. 

Spreedly’s 3DS2 solution is a multi-factor authentication protocol used to confirm digital identity during card not present checkout to prevent fraud. The solution is EMVCo certified including our iOS and Android SDKs as well.

Company's motto

Spreedly is the first and leading Payments Orchestration solution. We believe the world is better with a diversified, inclusive, payments ecosystem.

Service provider type

Payment Gateway

Spreedly acts as a conduit to different Gateway, PSPs, and other payment services allowing businesses to have the right mix of endpoints to maximize revenue -- all through a uniformed Spreedly connection

Main area of focus

Spreedly's Payments Orchestration platform provides infrastructure for connecting to virtually any payment service. Digital businesses can get to market faster and optimize transactions with the flexibility to use the right mix of payment services -- from gateways to fraud tools -- via our infrastructure.

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Payments capabilities

White-label solution


Recurring payments


Payment methods supported

Yes (Hundreds)



Payments orchestration


Reconciliation and reporting


B2B payments



Consolidated data and reporting dashboard


Fraud and risk management capabilities

Fraud and risk management partners



Main clients/references

Merchants, merchant aggregators / platforms, and marketplaces around the world depend on the Spreedly platform to grow their digital businesses.

Over 550 customers (and thousands more through our platform customers) use Spreedly to orchestrate payments across hundreds of gateways and other services via a single API connection. That gives them the flexibility to match their payments strategy with their business strategy. Companies like Rappi, Cabify, SeatGeek, and Docusign

Case studies

You can review our latest case studies on our website at

Future developments

Expanding the Spreedly Payments Orchestration Platform with tailored products for merchants, merchant aggregators / platforms, and payment service providers as well as developing new, innovative tools that not only enable but optimize revenue for digital transactions.


Transaction volume

Over USD 45 billion annual transaction volume

Transaction value