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Fraud fighting done differently

SEON reduces risk and boosts conversions for highly targeted verticals such as banking, lending, FX, crypto trading, iGaming, and ecommerce. SEON’s innovative tools let you decide how you integrate fraud prevention into your platform, either as individual modules for multi-layered security, or as a whole end-to-end system.

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Native cloud

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Unique selling points 
At SEON, we believe you need three things to reduce fraud and grow your business with complete peace of mind: access to better data, complete integration and implementation flexibility, and full transparency in how the products and the company works.

Pricing Model
Pricing is per transaction and based on volume and complexity or SaaS-based pricing model.

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Technology: Identity verification methods
SEON reduces the costs, time, and resources lost to fraud. Whether you are a global leader or a new startup, our modular fraud tools adapt to how you do business, and how you manage risk. Automate decisioning, accelerate manual reviews, and more importantly, grow your business with complete peace of mind as you:
- get a full picture of your online users;
- improve compliance with regulations;
- reduce chargebacks, transaction fraud, and bonus abuse;
- perform frictionless KYC checks;
- streamline your customer experience;
- increase brand trust;
- boost conversions. 

Authentication technology used
Social media and messenger data enrichment, email, phone, and IP data analysis, device fingerprinting, geo-location, remote access detection

Authentication Context

Reference Data connectivity
Connectivity to governmental data

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Main clients / reference
KLM, Patreon, Ladbrokes, Football Index, Robocash, OTP Bank, Avis, Libertex, Air France, >5.000 merchants

Future developments
Adding even more social platforms and messengers around the world to our platform.