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The Open Banking platform for Latin America

Prometeo is the largest Open Banking platform in Latin America. We provide access to banking information, transactions, and payments across multiple financial institutions in Latam. We currently support 50 data, transaction, and payment APIs in 33 financial institutions in 9 Latin American countries.

Active since


Head office

Montevideo, Uruguay


Ximena Aleman, Eduardo Veiga, and Rodrigo Tumaián

Funding rounds and investors

Two rounds of investment: Hustle Fund, Kalonia Venture Partners, Parade Ventures, LATINIA, Magma Partners, Angel Squad, MyAsia VC.

Service provider type 

Open Banking enablers

API connectivity for payment initiation

API connectivity for data retrieval & value-added services on the data

How it works

To link bank accounts the user will just have to use its credentials associated with those banks accounts. Once the account ownership is verified Prometeo retrieves the information from the financial institution. Then, we process and share the information through an encrypted and secured channel the user can control. 

What problem does the company solve?

Historically, Latin America has been relegated in terms of infrastructure to access banking information and operate with it through transfers or making payments. Accessing standardised information, or making payments to different services or entities, is a very cumbersome process due to the lack of infrastructure and standardisation. 

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

We support data, payments, and transfer APIs. We connect using PCI DSS guidelines. This year Prometeo will finalise the ISO 270001 certification in risk management, becoming the only company in Latam that follows the financial sector standards and is ISO 27001 certified.

Industries/target markets

Financial institutions

Geographical coverage (operational area)

Latin America

Business model/pricing

We have different pricing plans that our clients may choose. They vary on the number of requests offered, SLA, custom developments, etc.



Software language


When was the core technology developed


Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?


How will you handle automated refunds?

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How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

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How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

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Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Nathan Lustig, Nathan Schorr, Oriol Ros, Elizabeth Yin, Eric Bahn, Shiyan Koh, Shawn Merani, Sajid Rahman

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