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The API Platform for PSD2 and Open Banking

We built Ozone API to help banks and financial institutions deliver great, standards-based APIs to handle all the complexity of Open Banking and Open Finance. 

Service provider type  

Open Banking enablers 

Consent management  

TPP checking & repository  


Types of supported APIs\API standard supported 

Ozone API are the market leaders in standards. We help banks expose APIs in line with common Open Banking standards. We currently support the UK Open Banking standard (and we provide the official reference implementation / sandbox for the OBIE), the FDX standard, the Berlin Group standard, and are accredited to the FAPI and CIBA standards from the Open ID Foundation. We will support any common open standard that emerges and help our customers support the latest version of standards as soon as they are available. 

How it works 

The Ozone API platform helps banks to deliver standards compliant open APIs and handle the complexity of Open Banking. It's a thin, specialist platform that is highly scalable, performant, and with a low cost of ownership. 

What problem does the company solve? 

Open Banking introduces new challenges for banks and the Ozone API platform helps banks: 

- Deliver and maintain standards based APIs; 

- Onboard, verify, and manage third parties; 

- Handle consent management; 

- Deliver a great developer experience; 

- Comply with Open Banking regulation and develop commercial propositions. 

Industries/target markets 

We support banks and financial institutions (eg E-money Institutions and Payment Institutions) who need to deliver open APIs. We have built a global platform and are active in many markets around the world where Open Banking is developing. 

Business model/pricing 

Our platform can be deployed in a bank's own infrastructure or it can be provided as a managed service (SaaS). Please contact us to understand more.


The business was founded and is run by: 

Chris Michael (CEO) – Chris has 30 years’ experience building technology companies. Currently, he leads the development of the UK Open Banking standard (advising as CTO), chairing the OBIE standards forum and technical design authority, and representing the OBIE at the European Banking Authority. 

Freddi Gyara (CTO) – Freddi has over 20 years’ experience as a lead developer, enterprise architect, coach, and mentor. Currently, he is the lead technical architect at OBIE, and the co-author of the UK standard. 

Huw Davies (CCO) – Huw has 24 years’ experience in payments and financial services, with a wealth of knowledge delivering go to market strategies at major corporations and startups. He is the former Ecosystem Development Director at OBIE. 

Funding rounds and investors 

We are self-funded. 

Geographical coverage (operational areal) 

We are global in focus and operational currently across Europe and the Americas. 


The platform can be enabled on premise or provided as a managed service in the cloud.

Software language 

More info upon request. 

Software development tools

More info upon request. 

When was the core technology developed? 

We have developed the platform since founding in 2017. 


Konsentus, Yapily, Tecban. 

Customers / Case studies 

More info upon request. 


“Best Global Open Banking API Platform 2020” in the Worldwide Finance Awards.

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