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The next-generation independent payment platform to scale, unify, and optimize your payment setup.

Founded in 2010, optile is a next-generation online payment platform that serves as a cloud infrastructure for all payment methods, providers, processes, and data structures worldwide. optile helps international enterprises to scale faster to new markets, unify all payment-related processes, and provide intelligent optimization tools to boost conversion and improve customer experience.

Service provider type

Payment gateway, payment platform



Credit cards

Debit cards

Pre-paid cards

Online banking


Mobile / SMS / IVR

Alternative payment methods


Optile does not yet specialise in offline payments

Connected companies (#)

Information is available upon request

Companies PSP is connected to

Information is available upon request

Settlement currencies (acquirers)

Not the field of specialisation



Unique selling points

By providing a connection to any global and local payment player worldwide, optile delivers faster scalability opportunities to international enterprises. optile's one single API helps to streamline payment processes and reduces complexity, while its data-driven optimisation tools help businesses boost their revenue and increase customer retention. 

Core services

Online payment processing, ecosystem/marketplace payments, white label, e-wallet, dynamic payment page, smart payment analytics, global registrations, express checkout, one-click checkout, smart payment routing, tokenization, secure storage of data, automated denial management, auto card update, risk management, reconciliation, ISV plugins.


Per transaction; exact specification to pricing is not subject to disclosure.

Collecting payments


Distributing payments


Fraud prevention (measures)

Device fingerprinting, multi-merchant purchase history, global validation checks, verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, velocity checks, persistent cookies, data validation, geographical checking, parameter format checking, transaction limit checking, risk scoring, geo IP-origin check, black/white list, account check, end-customer behaviour, account restrictions, BIN-checks, email validity, weight-based rules.

Fraud prevention partners


Credit management (services)

Purchase on credit, installments, secured invoice

Other services

Loyalty connectors (eg Payback)

Third parties

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP CX, Magento



Direct connections


Batch processing


Per order processing


Merchant pages (direct model)

Yes, for our merchants we can create a dynamic payment page

PSP pages (redirect model)



Web services, REST Json 


PCIDSS Level 1 certified, multi-region cloud deployments for high redundancy and availability, multi-layer encryption to prevent insider and outsider attacks on payment data





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