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The best payment experience? Start with Way4

OpenWay is the only best-in-class provider of digital payment software solutions according to ratings by Aite, Gartner, and Omdia, and the best cloud payment system provider according to PayTech. Our Way4 platform is used by Tier 1 and 2 banks and processors, as well as ambitious fintech startups. Way4 innovations ensure their success in card issuing, A2A payments, ecommerce and POS acquiring, digital wallets and payment switching.

Core solution


In over 80 countries, we help Tier 1 and 2 banks and processors as well as ambitious startups make payments more efficient and convenient for people worldwide. Over 500 companies run their digital payments business on Way4, including Nexi, Comdata, Finaro, LOTTE Financial Services, Mastercard Processing Services, Network International, Payoneer, Worldline, Enfuce, SmartPay, Banesco Panama, Finnet Indonesia, and Equity Bank of Kenya.

Target market

Tier 1 and 2 payments players, as well as ambitious fintech start-ups across the globe:
  • Banks, neobanks, fintechs 
  • Issuing processors, CaaS providers
  • Acquirers, PSPs
  • Top retailers, ecommerce marketplaces
  • Wallet providers
  • Payment switch operators
  • Fleet payments processors
  • Telcos

Contact details

Geographical presence


Year founded



Private company

License type

Payment software provider

Member of industry association and/or initiatives

  • Mastercard partner
  • Visa partner
  • Diners Club partner
  • UnionPay partner
  • American Express partner
  • JCB partner
  • Alipay partner
  • Oracle cloud partner
  • AWS partner
  • KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce)
  • European Payments Council
  • ECSG (European Cards Stakeholders Group)
  • Nexo Standards
  • PCI Security Standards Council
  • France Payments Forum
  • IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum)
  • EPSM (European Association of Payment Service Providers for Merchants)
  • KDPA (Kenya Digital Payments Association)
  • Invest Cyprus - CIPA (Investment Authority for the Government of Cyprus)
  • InvestHub - Central Bank of Cyprus

Standards and certifications

PA-DSS, PSD2, SEPA, ISO20022, Nexo, REST OAS3 API, Shariah, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, domestic schemes and domestic switching

Company's motto

The best payment experience? Start with Way4

Service provider type

Payment Gateway

Yes. The top-rated Way4 payment switch and gateway software orchestrates various channels and systems online. It can process 34,000,000 transactions per day, 4,300 transactions per second; manage 1,000,000 merchants and 1,400 different payment types on a single Way4 installation; power a regional switch with clearing and settlement for 26 banks.

Payment Service Provider - Acquirer

Yes. The top-rated Way4 online back-office software is used by acquirers and PSPs to process payments for retail chains, SMEs, petrol stations, mass transit and parking, HoReCa, airlines, delivery services, ecommerce, digital marketplaces and more merchant types. Way4 functionality includes

Main area of focus

Digital payments software provider

Channels - context



POS/In store


Payments capabilities

Hosted pages


White-label solution


Recurring payments


Payment methods supported

Hundreds of local and international payment methods for cards, wallets, and account-to-account payments.

Settlement currencies


Instant settlement






Payments orchestration


Cryptocurrency payments solution


Reconciliation and reporting


B2B payments


Operational efficiency:  
 - ERP integration Yes
 - E-invoicing (automated) Yes
 - Factoring No


Consolidated data and reporting dashboard


Fraud and risk management capabilities

Chargeback management


Fraud ratio PSD2/SCA


Fraud and risk management partners


Financial and compliance capabilities

FX - number of currencies available


Virtual IBAN


Multi currencies virtual IBAN (# of currencies)


Current account/settlement account


Embedded finance/ Lending to SMEs or merchants


Embedded finance/ BNPL for consumers


Instant settlement


Client onboarding (KYC/KYB)



Main clients/references

Banesco Panama, Comdata, Enfuce, Equity Bank, Finaro, LOTTE Financial Services, Maya Philippines, Mastercard Processing Services, National Bank of Greece, Network International, Nexi, Payoneer, Worldline

Case studies

Here are some case studies of our joint projects with clients:


• Enfuce, a cloud digital bank in EU is using Way4 for card issuing and Card-as-a-Service: 



• Finaro uses Way4 Acquiring to automate its merchant back office and connect to international payment schemes

• Banesco Panama succeeds as a processor for ESG projects and fintechs after migrating to Way4

• Nexi, the biggest payment company in EU serving over 1,000,000 merchants, is transforming its business with OpenWay


• Finnet, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, uses Way4 as a switch for 122 billers, 90 banks, 100 thousand outlets, and 800 online merchants

• Bank Rakyat Indonesia, the largest bank in Indonesia is engaging the digital customers of the future 

• Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI): the oldest Islamic bank in Indonesia goes chip with OpenWay 

• LOTTE Finance and OpenWay introduce new BNPL service to Vietnam  

• Way4 platform powers the national payment switch of Bangladesh

• Timo, an API-based digital bank that was launched in the AWS cloud in just 4 months 

• SmartPay, a successful financial inclusion wallet with over 650,000 merchants and 40 million users 

• JIVF selects OpenWay to become a consumer finance leader in Vietnam

Middle East

• Network International launches market-leading Network One platform in partnership with OpenWay


• Banesco and OpenWay: building the future of digital payments in Latin America Together

• Equity Bank, the pan-African bank group has migrated to Way4 and has become the world’s first ATM acquirer of M-PESA e-money, and later – the recognized wallet hub for different e-money brands across East Africa


• Equity Bank, the pan-African bank group has migrated to Way4 and has become the world’s first ATM acquirer of M-PESA e-money, and later – the recognized wallet hub for different e-money brands across East Africa


• Aite report: OpenWay is the only Best-in-Class Global Vendor of Payment Processing Platforms

• PayTech Awards: Best Payment Platform in the Cloud

• OVUM report: OpenWay is a Leader in Wallet Solutions

Future developments

Way4 is a cloud-ready solution for data-driven, online personalized payments. Way4 is the only system with a fully online financial core. Several Way4 components are built on a microservice architecture. Containerization is supported for several processes. A new data management platform has support for data streaming and new tools for data analytics. We have created a new Restful API concept. New Way4 solutions have been released and are already helping our clients to transform their business with these features: CaaS, BNPL, wallets, faster risk management, new workbench UX and management, active-active high availability, and more. Development continues along these lines to enhance functionality to the next level for even greater personalization, speed, and efficiency.