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Banking-as-a-Service With a Modular Architecture

OpenPayd is a leading global payments and Banking-as-a-Service platform for the digital economy. Through its API-driven technology, businesses can embed financial services into their products and create the seamless user experiences needed to drive business growth.

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London, UK


Dr Ozan Ozerk

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Founder funded

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API conectivity for payment initiation

How it works

OpenPayd’s platform removes the need to contract with multiple providers for different services and across different markets. Instead, businesses can access accounts, FX, international and domestic payments, acquiring and Open Banking services globally via a single API integration. With licencing across the UK, Europe, Canada, and others, OpenPayd is committed to providing businesses with a fully compliant solution across all markets, leaving your business to focus on growth.

What problem does the company solve

The digital economy is growing at a phenomenal rate however banking and payments technology has not advanced at the same rate. OpenPayd provides access to fully automated, API-first banking and payments technology which enables brands and technology platforms to build better customer experiences whilst creating new revenue streams.

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

For more information contact our sales team.

Industries/target markets

Fintech, FX & Remittance, Digital Assets, Investment Platforms, B2B Marketplaces, and SaaS

Geographical coverage

UK and EEA

Business model/pricing

Bespoke pricing available.



Software language

For more information contact our sales team.

Software developement tools

For more information contact our sales team.

When was the core technology developed


As part of OpenPayd's BaaS stack, customers can add payment initiation to their products to enable faster, more cost efficient payments without having their customers leave their user experience.

Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?


How will you handle automated refunds?

OpenPayd's platform can help technology platforms streamline and automate their refund processes. For more information contact our sales team.

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

OpenPayd's robust platform is backed by industry leading UK and European payment coverage and best in class banking partners. For more information contact our sales team.

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

OpenPayd offers a wide range of options to ease the pain of reconciliation. For more information contact our sales team.

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