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Nok Nok provides secure, scalable, and frictionless experiences for passwordless authentication, preventing fraud and security risks. By reducing the reliance on weak, phishable passwords, Nok Nok empowers organisations to improve the authentication experience, while meeting the most advanced security and regulatory requirements. Customers include cloud, mobile, and IoT businesses.

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Unique selling points 
Nok Nok invented FIDO. Our platform sets the standard for compliant FIDO deployments, and raises the bar with innovations necessary to drive adoption across devices and use cases. Our innovations in passwordless authentication have generated a robust global patent portfolio. Nok Nok has more deployments than any other FIDO vendor. 

Pricing Model
Per user annual subscription

Fraud prevention partners
Aware, DDS, Forgerock, Fujitsu, Hitachi, iLabs, Jumio, Lenovo, Mtrix, NTT Data, OneSpan, OSD, Sensory, Youniqx, Yubico

Other services
Professional Services to guide an organisation to completely passwordless authentication. We assess authentication architecuture, build an understanding of problems, needs, and desires. We map the ecosystem of technology partners and providers locating the strengths and weaknesses  in order to leverage strengths and minimise weaknesses. We introduce a solution framework to provide the understanding of the technology, the trade-offs, future considerations, and expected benefits. 

Third party connection

Technology: Identity verification methods
Identity document scanning, video scanning, email verification, phone verification, behavioural biometrics, physical biometrics, device fingerprinting, geo-location, mobile app push, 3-D Secure 2.0, one-time passwords, hardware token

Authentication technology used
Public/private encryption key matching,  behavioural biometrics, physical biometrics, device fingerprinting, geo-location, mobile app push, 3-D Secure 2.0, hardware token, one-time passwords

Authentication context
Call center

Reference Data connectivity
Connectivity to governmental data

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Main clients/references
NTT DOCOMO, T-Mobile, BBVA, Intuit, Standard Bank, MUFG, Softbank, Gallagher, and more

Future developments
Information available upon request