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Software matters

As market leader for payment security, we offer innovative digital payment solutions with a strong focus on convenience, security, and mobile use. Our customers rely on our high-quality, scheme certified products for 3-D Secure, mobile contactless payment, digital wallets, risk-based and convenient authentication, or digital banking apps for optimised banking.

Year founded



Target group 

  • Merchants/ecommerce

  • PSP/acquirers

  • Banks/FS

  • Corporate

  • Fintech

Supported regions



Company's tagline

Software matters

Member of industry association and/or initiatives

EMVCo associate, EPSM, MC Digital Partner, and Visa Ready

Core solution

  • Fraud/risk management and decisioning platform

  • Customer authentication

  • Identity verification

  • Behavioural biometrics

  • Data provider and intelligence

Core solution/problems the company solves

3DS Service provides convenient, but yet secure authentication of ecommerce transactions. The service has high flexibility and configurability, ensuring fast and easy deployment of 3DS for the banks.


Cloud enabled

Data input

Identity verification

  • Email verification proprietary capability 

  • Phone verification proprietary capability and via third party

Online authentication

  • Physical biometrics via third party

  • Device fingerprinting proprietary capability 

  • Geo-location via third party

  • Remote access detection via third party

  • Mobile app push proprietary capability and via third party

  • 3-D Secure 2.0 proprietary capability 

  • Hardware token proprietary capability 

  • One-time passwords proprietary capability 

  • Knowledge-based authentication proprietary capability 


  • Abuse list via third party

  • Monitoring proprietary capability and via third party


  • Rule-based

  • Supervised ML


Case management

Business model

Pricing model

Pricing is per transaction and based on volume and complexity

Fraud prevention partners


Year over year growth rate

46% transactions growth

Number of employees


Future developments

multiple third-party partners, FIDO SPC support


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