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Moneyhub is a data and payments company that develops ISO 27001 certified software for Open Banking, Open Finance, and Open Data applications. Its FCA-regulated Open Data platform enables companies to quickly and easily transform data into personalised digital experiences and initiate payments. Its APIs and fully customisable platform provide data aggregation, insights, notification nudges, and payment systems. As a result, clients have the consent-driven data and analytics they need to create super-personalised offers, products, and services. Hundreds of organisations, spanning finance to media and retail, rely on Moneyhub’s award-winning technology. 

Active since


Head office

Bristol, UK


Dave Tonge

Funding rounds and investors

Major shareholders: Sam Seaton, Dave Tonge, Dan Scholey, Rael Gordon, Nationwide, SPWOne (Sir Peter Wood).

Service provider type  

  • Open Banking enablers
  • API connectivity for payment initiation
  • API connectivity for data retrieval & value-added services on the data
  • Consent management
  • TPP checking & repository
  • End-user solutions and propositions
  1. Account aggregation; 
  2. Personal finance management services;
  3. Credit scoring;
  4. Cash management/treasury management;
  5. Saving & investment services;
  6. Financial wellbeing/wealth management/poverty relief solutions; 
  7. Marketing/brand affiliation;
  8. KYC based upon Open Banking."
  • Fraud/risk/security
  1. Transaction monitoring; 
  2. API security; 
  3. Strong Customer Authentication in the context of Open Banking.

Digital core banking infrastructure/platform

How it works

Moneyhub enables companies in all industries to build personalised propositions with access to their customers' entire financial world, from investments to pensions. Financial services providers use this information for mortgage advice to life insurance, while companies in sectors from retail to telecoms can utilise it when developing new business offerings.

What problem does the company solve

With Moneyhub’s award-winning APIs and whitelabel solutions, clients can initiate payments or seamlessly connect to bank accounts, mortgages, pensions and more. The platform, which offers everything from personal financial management and affordability tools, provides powerful analytics and actionable insights to enable bespoke experiences and customer journeys.

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

We provide a RESTful JSON API protected by FAPI (based on OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0). We connect to OpenBanking APIs, Berlin Group APIs, STET APIs, and many proprietary APIs.

Industries/target markets

  • Bank/Building Society
  • Employee Benefits Consultancy
  • Financial Advice 
  • Insurer
  • Lending/Collections 
  • Pensions Provider
  • Retail
  • Technology Providers 
  • Telcos 
  • Wealth and Asset Management

Geographical coverage (operational area)

UK & Europe

Business model/pricing

For more details, please contact our sales team.


Native Cloud

Software language


Software developement tools

ReactJS, NodeJS, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, VS Code, Bitbucket

When was the core technology developed

2014 onwards

Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?


How will you handle automated refunds?

Refunds are managed by our transaction matching service which allows us to initiate full or partial refunds, tied to the original payment. Where refunds are required, we capture account details during initial payment and automatically encrypt before storing securely while appropriate. 

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

Open Banking enables verification of payment to take place as part of the transaction to ensure correct payment is made. Moreover, in some circumstances we can also verify if the funds have been successfully received. It is also possible to remove 'insufficient funds' charges using Open Banking. 

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

Each payment transaction has unique meta data attached as part of the Moneyhub Payment Initiation Service which facilitates easy integration and reconciliation across many different back office systems



Customers / Case studies

Aon, Akoni, Arq, Blackhawk, Hometrack (Zoopla), KPMG, LEBC, Lumio, Mercer, Moneyed, Nationwide, Newbury Building Society, OpenMoney, OneBanks, Roqqette, SEI, Sugi, The Big Exchange, Wealth Wizards, Zedosh 

For a full list of case studies, please go to


2021 Open Banking Expo Awards -

Winner: Best Open Banking Partnership - Consumer (Moneyhub & Mercer)
Winner: Best Open Finance Innovation
Winner: Open Banking Pioneer Award - Individual (Moneyhub CEO Sam Seaton)

2021 Pension Age Awards
Winner: Personality of the year award (Moneyhub CEO Sam Seaton)

2021 UK Fintech Awards
Winner: Pensions Tech award
Winner: Wealth Tech award
Winner: Director of the year (Moneyhub CEO Sam Seaton)

2021 FSTech Awards (will be announced 8 Sep 21)
Shortlisted: Open Banking Product or Service of the Year

2021 Professional Pensions Women in Pensions Awards (will be announced 14 Sep 21)
Shortlisted: Women in Pensions - Samantha Seaton
Shortlisted: Technology Innovation of the Year

2020 Schroders UK Platform Awards
Winner:  Leading Innovation in Workplace Solutions

2020 Women in Financial Advice Awards

Winner: Woman of the Year: Fintech Sam Seaton, Moneyhub Financial Technology

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Contact (phone number / email address)

+44 (0) 117 280 5155


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+44 (0) 117 280 5155