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Melissa are a leading provider of global identity verification and data quality solutions. Melissa provides the solutions to support your Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives, prevent fraud, reduce costs, and improve fulfilment - at every point of the data chain.

Target market

  • Banks/FS

  • Fintech

  • Brokers

  • Crypto exchange/Blockchain and crypto companies

  • Merchants/Marketplaces (regulated entities)

  • PSP/acquirers

  • Telecom

  • Retail/ecommerce

  • Higher Education

  • Gov/Public Sector

Contact details

Geographical presence

US, UK, Australia, Germany, India, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Italy

Year founded


Member of industry association and/or initiatives

SOC 2 (type 1 & 2); HIPAA; HITECH; HITRUST; ICO; USPS® CASS™/DPV® Certification


Melissa’s real-time identity verification service includes identity, ID and document verification, age authentication, and global watchlist screening to establish the identity of a consumer or satisfy AML/KYC compliance. 

Fraud and financial crime hub - decisioning platform

Yes - extensive screening against international sanction lists, politically exposed persons, financial crime database records like CFT, special interest persons and HALO deceased / CIFAS Fraud

Transaction fraud

Yes - contact Data Verification to verify that an address, phone & email exists, matching name to an address (proof of address), verifying ID documents, age verification and IP location in real time.

Account fraud

Yes - proof of address which is checked against refreshed credit data, contact data verification, biometrics, and liveness check to verify proof of live and match a person’s selfie to their ID document.

Financial crime data provider and intelligence

Yes - screening a person against Politically Exposed Persons, Relatives & Close Associates of PEPs, Specialist Interest Persons, HALO Deceased, and other financial crime sanction lists.


Yes - 3:2:1:0 check which implements contact data verification, proof of address, age verification, PEP, sanctions, international watchlists. ID document scanning, biometric and liveness checks can also be utilised for a complete KYC check.

KYC remediation

Yes - full database cleanse, enrichment, and deduplication to ensure all records are clean, up-to-date, and complete for increased accuracy of customers. KYC checks can then be processed for further assessment of records. 

Digital identity service provider

Yes - prevent card-not-present fraud & money laundering, speed up onboarding, remain compliant in areas of KYC, BSA, AML and CDD, check customer against PEP & International watchlists, and gain 360 customer view. 

Identity verification 

Yes - establish identity of a consumer, to satisfying AML/KYC and industry compliance measures while ensuring fast onboarding or ecommerce checkout and protecting any organisation against fraud & cybercrime. 


Yes - flexible and tailored to any business need i.e., from matching a name to an address, all the way to multi-level KYC requirements to meet regulatory compliance measures.





Cloud-enabled, native cloud, hybrid


Native cloud





DATA INPUT: Identity verification capabilities 

Identity document scanning

Yes - via third party

Video scanning

Yes - via third party

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) validation

Yes - proprietary capability

Email verification

Yes - proprietary capability

Phone verification

Yes - proprietary capability

Social verification

Yes - proprietary capability

Compliance check

Yes - proprietary capability / third party


DATA INPUT: Online authentication capabilities 

Behavioural biometrics

Yes - via third party

Physical biometrics

Yes - via third party


Yes - proprietary capability

3-D Secure 2.0

Yes - via third party

Knowledge-Based Authentication

Yes - proprietary capability



Financial crime data

Yes - via third party

Sanctions data (sanctions, enforcements, PEP, and adverse media)

Yes - via third party

Watchlist screening

Yes - via third party

Address verification

Yes - proprietary capability

Credit Bureau

Yes - via third party


METHODOLOGY: Machine Learning

Rule-Based Yes

Unsupervised ML Yes


METHODOLOGY: Decisioning

Manual review


Case management


Decision orchestration



BUSINESS MODEL: Pricing and Services

Pricing model

Per check/Volume; Annual licence; Subscription; PAYG

Managed service


Training & Support

Product & Service Training is offered as well as 24/7 Support 



Main clients/references

Avivia, GSK, eToro; Bank of America, CITI, Lyca Mobile, Queens University, BAE Systems, GCHQ, IHS Markit, RIA Finance

Case studies

MetaBank prevents prepaid card fraud with the data quality suite from Melissa -

Melissa dramatically reduces fraudulent ecommerce transactions for online automotive retailer by 90+% -

Siemens automatically validates global address data with Melissa -


Nomination for best Anti-Fraud Solution - Payment Awards 2019

Future developments


Contact Melissa

22382 Avenida Empresa +1 800 635 4772
92688 Rancho Santa Margarita
United States