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SaaS cloud banking platform

Say goodbye to legacy tech infrastructure and old-fashioned core banking providers - and hello to Mambu. Banks (both big and neo), lenders, fintechs, telcos, and retailers are turning to Mambu to help them build modern digital financial products faster, securely, and cost-effectively.


Eugene Danilkis, Frederick Pfisterer, Sofia Nunes

Funding rounds

EUR 150 million


Tigerglobal, Arena, TCV, Acton, Bessemer Venture Partners, Runa Capital

Service provider type    

Digital core banking infrastructure/platform

How it works

Mambu enables customers to build new financial offerings quickly, securely, and simply‚Äč. Through a unique composable approach, Mambu customers can design and create banking, lending and other products while connecting into an ecosystem of complementary solutions around the world.

What problem does the company solve?

Mambu is the only true SaaS cloud banking platform, which fast-tracks the design and build of nearly any financial offering for banks, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos, and more. Mambu’s composable approach allows independent components and systems to be assembled in any configuration to meet business needs and end user demands.

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

RESTful APIs. All API documentation is available at 

Industries/target markets

Traditional banks, neobanks, lenders, credit unions, telcos, fintechs

Geographical coverage (operational area)

North America, Latin America, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific

Business model/pricing

Subscription based


SaaS cloud-native

When was the core technology developed?

Mambu has a continuous delivery approach which entails that updates and features are pushed out daily.


Mambu is committed to a network of over 170 partners, which includes best-in-breed providers to support customers, innovate faster, and rapidly provide value. See more at

Customers / Case studies

Mambu works with over 200 fintechs, top-tier banks and telcos. Browse the selection of customer case studies at 

Business revenue

For more details, please contact our sales team.