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Transform your Risk Decision Making

LexisNexis Risk Solutions leverages comprehensive digital and physical identity intelligence, machine learning, and advanced big data analytics to accelerate risk management decisions and fortify fraud defences businesses worldwide. 
Our solutions combine innovative technology and intuitive analytics to deliver a concise 360-degree view of risk at any point in the customer lifecycle. 

Service provider type
TPP KYC/Identity

How it works
ThreatMetrix customers benefit from crowdsourced, cross-industry digital identity intelligence from some of the world’s largest and most trusted ecommerce, financial services, and payments brands. This intelligence powers ThreatMetrix ID, a revolutionary technology that comprises a unique and persistent global identifier enabling clients to better understand who their connecting users are.

What problem does the company solve
We focus on recognising good, returning customers by piecing together their digital identity from the complex digital DNA users create as they transact online. This results in a reduction of friction and unnecessary step-ups. Additionally, fraudulent behavior can be pinpointed in real time, whether at account applications, logins or payments across a range of fraud MO's.

Industries/target markets
financial services and fintech, telco, corporations, gaming and gambling, government and public sector

A private SaaS application suite, employing global data centre facility recovery

Software language
We support multiple programming language clients. The solution is deployed using industry leading big data components including Hadoop, Impala, and Aerospike. As a private SaaS platform all maintenance, hardware, security, and upgrades are managed by our Operations and Support to minimise the total cost of ownership of the solution for our customers.

Software developement tools
We offer several Application Programming Interfaces, such as a RESTful HTTPS API that enable customers to connect their systems to the ThreatMetrix Platform.

When was the core technology developed
December 2005