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Providing Confidence in Open Banking


Konsentus enables financial institutions to successfully navigate a constantly changing ecosystem to deliver safe and secure data exchange in a consistent, automated, and reliable way. Our trusted data allows our 500+ clients across Europe and other international markets to make informed decisions when identifying and validating those requesting access to customer accounts.

Country offices in

France, Portugal, Poland, and the UK


Mike Woods and Brendan Jones

Funding rounds and investors

Mastercard and VC

Business revenue 2021

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Year over year growth rate

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Number of employees

51 - 200


2022 Card & Payments Awards: Best Technology Initiative Finalist. Mike Woods: 'Ones to Watch' LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme 2021. Juniper Award

Core solution

What are the company's core solutions

Konsentus Verify, Konsentus Open Banking Hub, Konsentus Certificate Service,  Konsentus Transparency Directory

How it works

Konsentus Verify enables safe and secure data exchange by providing financial institutions with real-time identity and regulatory checking services, ensuring that unauthorised or fraudulent third parties are never given access to end-user account data or funds.

What problem does the company solve

Konsentus enables financial institutions to have the confidence to make the right decision each time an account access request is received. Our trusted data, sourced continuously from the legal systems of record, is provided to our customers in real-time ensuring end-user account information and funds are never put at risk.

Types of supported APIs/API standard supported

SaaS APIs. RESTful and secure

Industries/target markets

Financial institutions (ASPSPs): Credit Institutions, EMIs, and PIs

Geographical coverage

UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and LATAM

Number of connected banks

500+ (Konsentus Group) in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and LATAM

Account coverage across countries/regions

Konsentus Group - Europe (60%), Asia (10%), Middle East (10%), and LATAM (20%)


Cloud native

Software language

JavaScript, Python

Software development tools


When was the core technology developed

Between 2018 and 2022


Distribution channels

Various Global Distribution Channels

Business model

Pricing model

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Revenue streams

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Customers/case studies

Key customers

Mastercard, Knab, Bankdata, SMBC, Danske, BRDCase

Case studies

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