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Providing Confidence in Open Banking

Konsentus is an infrastructure platform enabling financial institutions to transact safely and securely within the Open Banking and Open Finance ecosystems. Our award-winning SaaS solution, Konsentus Verify, provides confidence and trust by performing real-time identity & regulatory checking services, ensuring that account access is never given to fraudulent third parties.

Active since


Head office



Mike Woods and Brendan Jones

Funding rounds and investors

Mastercard and VC

Service provider type

Open Banking enablers

TPP checking & repository

Fraud/risk/security: Transaction monitoring

How it works

Konsentus Verify checks a third party’s (TPP) legitimacy and regulatory status each time it attempts to access a financial institution’s Open Banking API. The information is sourced in real-time directly from a multitude of databases and registers across the EEA so financial institutions can make informed risk management decisions.

What problem does the company solve

Konsentus provides confidence in the Open Banking ecosystem by enabling financial institutions to make informed risk management decisions. We help financial institutions ensure they only ever give account access to legitimate and regulated third parties and never put their customers' data or funds at risk.

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

SaaS APIs. RESTful and secure

Industries/target markets

Financial institutions (ASPSPs): Credit Institutions, EMIs, and PIs

Geographical coverage

EEA and UK (Konsentus). The Konsentus Group as a whole has global operations

Business model/pricing

For more information please contact us at


Cloud Native

Software language

JavaScript, Python

Software development tools


When was the core technology developed

Between 2018 and 2021


25+ distribution partners across the EEA

Customers / Case studies

500+ of the largest financial insitutions across the EEA


Winner: Card & Payment Awards 2020, Juniper Awards 2020. Shorted in the 2021 Emerging Payments Awards and the 2021 Juniper Awards