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Enabling innovative payments

HPS provides payment solutions for issuers, acquirers, card processors, ISOs, retailers, MNOs, and national and regional switches around the world. 
PowerCARD, HPS’ comprehensive suite of solutions, covers the entire payment value chain by enabling innovative payments through its open platform that allows the processing of any transaction coming from any channel.
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Solution overview

PowerCARD-eCommerce is a multi-merchant and multi-acquirer solution for ecommerce and virtual POS (MOTO, Wallet, recurring payments, and more) payment management. 

Key features

  • multiple integration methods: hosted payment page, web services and batch
  • flexible payment options: full, partial, reversal, instalment…
  • wallet management
  • personalised hosted payment page
  • merchant and operator web portal management
  • 3D secure management
  • transaction management

Unique selling points

PowerCARD Unique Selling Points: 
  • covers the entire payment value chain
  • single platform (comprehensive end to end modern platform/all in one solution) 
  • high level of parametrization/flexibility/autonomy 
  • rule based, module based 
  • Connect’ API
                                                                                                                                                                                                       PowerCARD-eCommerce Unique Selling Points:
  • multi’s: multi-currency, multi-language, multi-scheme, multi-country, multi-time zone, multi-calendar, multi-address, and more
  • support flexible payment options to consumers:
             - Consumers can pay with any of the most common payment methods on internet (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, ACH, and more)
             - Multiple payment options are possible (full or recurring payments, tokenization, immediate or deferred debit)
             - Consumers can choose their currency and get their transactions reversed/refund totally or partially



Direct connections

Yes: the solution can be linked to the ecommerce website

Batch processing


Virtual POC processing


Merchant pages (direct model)

Yes: the solution can be linked to the ecommerce website

PSP pages (redirect model)

Yes: hosted payment page


Web services, batch, http request


HTTPS, WS security

















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