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Every Payment Counts

FUGU offers a new breed of payment anti-fraud solution, monitoring payments post-checkout, helping merchants safely accept transactions they currently lose to fraud, false declines, payment churn.

FUGU is the first multi-tier fraud prevention solution fighting fraud at various points along the transaction life cycle, covering a wide variety of risk patterns (Friendly Fraud) and new innovative payment models.

Year founded



Target group

  • Merchants/ecommerce

  • PSP/acquirers

  • SMBs

  • Banks/FS

Supported regions



Company's tagline

Every Payment Counts

Member of industry association and/or initiatives

More information available upon request.

Core solution

  • Fraud/ risk management and decisioning platform 

  • Customer authentication

  • Identity verification

  • Chargebacks management

  • KYB/Merchant onboarding

  • KYC

Core solution/problems the company solves

FUGU provides a one-stop-shop payment risk platform that reduces false declines based on continuous risk analysis far after order creation, suspicious customer verifications, and automatic chargeback representments.


Native cloud

Data input

Identity verification

  • ‚ÄčIdentity document scanning proprietary capability 

  • Small transaction verification proprietary capability 

  • Email verification proprietary capability and via third party

  • Phone verification proprietary capability and via third party

  • Social verification proprietary capability

  • Compliance check via third party

Online authentication 

  • Physical biometrics proprietary capability

  • Device fingerprinting proprietary capability and via third party

  • Geo-location proprietary capability and via third party

  • 3-D Secure 2.0 proprietary capability and via third party

  • One-time passwords proprietary capability and via third party


  • Abuse list proprietary capability

  • Monitoring proprietary capability

  • Address verification proprietary capability and via third party

Data ingestion/third-party data

Stateless data ingestion and augmentation


Machine learning 



  • Manual review

  • Case management

Chargeback management

  • Chargeback dispute

  • Guaranteed fraud protection

Business model

Pricing model

Hybrid model of per transaction and based on volume and complexity OR SaaS-based pricing model based on customer-defined rules.

Year over year growth rate


Number of employees


Future developments

Video verification, Promise To Pay capability guaranteeing shipment for failed payments.


Customers reference

E420, XBO (Crypto), Payine, Adika, Borboun Central, Underoutfit

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