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Bringing Financial Transactions to Life

finleap connect is the leading, independent Open Banking platform provider in Europe. With its ‘full-stack’ platform, finleap connect makes it possible for its clients to compliantly access the financial transactions data, enrich said data with analytics tools, provide digital banking services and deliver high-quality, digital financial services products and services. 

Active since

finleap connect is the result of a merger between figo, finreach solutions, and infinitec solutions. The merger took place in August 2019. 

Head office

Berlin; Hardenbegstraße 32, 10623 Berlin 


finleap GmbH 

Funding round and investors

June 2021: EUR 22 mln Series A, led by SBI Investment Group and Illavska Vuillermoz Capital. 

Service provider type

Open Banking enablers 

API connectivity for payment initiation 
API connectivity for data retrieval & value-added services on the data 
TPP checking & repository 
End-user solutions and propositions (Account Aggregation, KYC based on Open Banking) 
Fraud/risk/security (Strong Customer Authentication in the context of Open Banking) 
Digital core banking infrastructure/platform 

How it works

finleap connect’s solutions are available via a variety of methods (i.e. APIs, etc.), this varies by specific solution. Please contact our Sales Team for more information. 

What problem does the company solve

finleap connect enables clients to offer customers real added value with customisable, modular solutions that keep up with changing customer needs and regulatory requirements. Through our extensive talent pool and adaptable systems built on an API marketplace, companies of any size or tech systems can offer innovative solutions. 

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

PSD2 API Standards Supported: Berlin Group, Czech Banking API Standard, Open Banking UK. 

Industries/target markets

Target customer markets include banks and other financial institutions, fintechs, insurance companies, and non-financial services tech companies. 

Geographical coverage (operational area)

Full PSD2 license coverage in the European Union; Connectivity in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Czechia, Portugal, and Hungary. 

Business model/pricing

Distribution of standard Open Banking solutions as Software as a Service. For more information on pricing, please contact our Sales team. 


Native cloud 

Software language

Stack: Java / Python, Kubernetes 

Software development tools

Gitlab, Grafana, Kibana, ElasticSearch, Redis 

When was the core technology developed?

Our finX API platform began development with the foundation of figo in 2012. 

Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations(APIs & Direct Access)?

How will you handle automated refunds?

Refunds are not automatically handled. 

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

The bank transactions are synchronous to the bank end, in case of failure, it is possible to retry. For more information, please contact our Sales team. 

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

As the payment operation is synchronous, the reconciliation is not an issue to be considered. 


Customer/case studies

Over 360 customers across a multitude of industries have put their trust in finleap connect. 

Contact finleap connect

Berlin; Hardenbegstra├če 32, 10623 Berlin

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