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Finantier is the leading Open Finance API platform for Southeast Asia. Finantier unlocks access to more inclusive financial services by providing the infrastructure that powers the next generation of financial services across SEA, accelerating financial inclusion within the region. The banked, underserved and unbanked in the region now can get access to personalized products by leveraging their data and Finantier's platform.

Active since


Head office

Jakarta, Indonesia


Diego Rojas (CEO), Keng Low (CPO), Edwin Kusuma (COO)

Funding round and investors

Pre-seed: East Ventures (Lead), AC Ventures, Genesia Ventures, Two Culture

Capital, prominent angels

Seed: Global Founders Capital (Lead), East Ventures (Lead), Addition,Y Combinator, Future Shape, Partech Partners, Taurus Ventures, Saison Capital, GMO VenturePartners, joining returning investors from pre-seed round

Service provider type

Open Banking enablers
API connectivity for payment initiation
API connectivity for data retrieval & value-added services on the data
Consent management
TPP checking & repository
End-user solutions and propositions

How it works

Finantier aggregates data from banks and also from alternative sources including gig platforms and telcos. After user consent is obtained, these datasets are then analysed to provide detailed insights on consumers for financial institutions,
allowing them to create customised products while providing financial services for a wider range of users. 

What problem does the company solve

Over 70% of adults in Southeast Asia lack access to financial services due to the high unbanked rate and inadequate financial infrastructure. Hence, financial institutions lack access to consumer data, handicapping them in providing financial services. Finantier solves this by aggregating data from alternative sources and providing them to companies.

Industries/target markets

Banks, Fintechs, Lending, Wealthtech, PFM, Insurtech, Gig platforms, Telcos, HRIS 

Geographical coverage (operational area)

Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand)

Business model/pricing

For more details, please contact our sales team 


cloud enabled/native cloud/on premises/hybrid

Software development tools

AWS, Google Cloud 

When was the core technology developed?


Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?


How will you handle automated refunds?

Fraud detection algorithms and payments initiation API

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

Automated API verifications and multiple providers integrated

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

Virtual Accounts Settlement


Over 200

Customer/case studies

For more details, please contact our sales team 

Business revenue