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The World's First RiskOps Platform

Feedzai is the world’s first RiskOps platform for financial risk management and leader in safeguarding global commerce. Feedzai is securing the transition to a cashless world, and the world’s largest banks and processors trust Feedzai to protect trillions of dollars while improving the customer experience for everyday users without compromising privacy.

Target group 



Member of industry association and/or initiatives

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Core solution 

Fraud and financial crime hub - decisioning platform
Transaction fraud
Account fraud
AML transaction monitoring
KYC remediation
Identity verification

Core solution/problems the company solves

Feedzai solves tomorrow's problems today. We bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to the fight against financial crime. Using our highly scalable technology, we safeguard billions of dollars every day and stop criminals in their tracks. 

Feedzai’s RiskOps covers the full end-to-end customer journey, including device authentication, malware defence, behavioural biometrics, along with a package of fraud detection scenarios and a full suite of integrated AML solutions from Customer Due Diligence to Watchlist Screening and Transaction Monitoring.

A single approach and platform enable simplification, cost reduction, and a more cohesive and accurate view of risk.


Cloud enabled
Native cloud

Identity verification 

Email verification via third party
Compliance check via proprietary capability

Online authentication 
Behavioural biometrics via proprietary capability
Device fingerprinting via proprietary capability
Geo-location via proprietary capability
Remote access detection via proprietary capability
Mobile app push via proprietary capability
3-D Secure 2.0 via proprietary capability


Abuse list via proprietary capability
Financial crime data via proprietary capability
Sanctions data (sanctions, enforcements, PEP, and adverse media) via proprietary capability
Watchlist screening via proprietary capability
Address verification via third party

Data ingestion/third-party data

Stateless data ingestion and augmentation


Supervised ML
Unsupervised ML


Manual review
Case management
Decision orchestration

Pricing model

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Fraud prevention partners

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Financial Technology Partners
CITI Ventures
Data Collective
Sapphire Ventures


Year over year growth rate +40% in 2021/22

Number of employees >600

Future developments

Our independent Research Team pushes the limits of known technology to develop advanced AI and engineering solutions that safeguard frictionless financial transactions and protect organisations and individuals from financial crime. On average, we submit over ten patents per year.

Feedzai Research encompasses Machine Learning, Systems Research, FATE, and Data Visualisation. Each group is rigorous in its pursuit of continuous improvement and perform careful, data-driven experiments to uncover and validate new methodologies and algorithms.

Customers reference

Feedzai services the world's largest and most innovative global banks, merchants, and processors. References are available upon request.