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CyberSource is a global, unified payment management platform built on secure Visa infrastructure – with the added insights and security of a USD 479 billion global processing network. Put simply, we help merchants and acquirers to fulfil their digital commerce ambitions. We do this by empowering our customers to create amazing payment experiences that spur growth and innovation, safely and securely.

Credit cards
CyberSource can accept payments made with numerous types of credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. The following cards may also be processed via the Discover network: China UnionPay, Diners Club, JCB (US Domestic).

Debit cards
CyberSource can accept payments made with numerous types of payment cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. In addition, CyberSource can accept most offline debit cards, which are also known as check cards, many private label cards, and Level II purchasing cards.

Pre-paid cards
CyberSource supports pre-paid/gift cards as long as the cards are branded by Visa/Mastercard/AMEX and follow the same card number validation (i.e., Mod10) scheme for that specific card type. CyberSource treats these types of cards the same as debit/credit cards, and passes card information to the card issuer for authorisation requests.

Online banking
Yes, connection to all major real-time banking providers in all key countries

PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay

Mobile / SMS / IVR
Mobile/IVR/Invoicing (pay by link)

Alternative payment methods
A range of alternative payment methods are available including categories real-time bank transfer, e-wallets, direct debits, post pay voucher/reference/QR and Buy Now Pay Later invoice & credit options.

Post pay voucher/reference/QR providers are offered such as OXXO, Mulitbanco and Konbini.

Connected companies (#)
130+ acquirers and processors

Companies PSP is connected to
AmerAcq, EuroPeach, AsiAcq, alternative payment providers

Settlement currencies (acquirers)
190+ countries and territories/50 funding currencies. See: 

Unique selling points
We believe payments should never limit your growth or curb your vision. Together with our network of over 350 finance and tech partners, we focus on creating a payments experience that supports growth, fits your way of doing things, and that lets your vision be as grand as it can be. 

Core services
Our modular payment management platform, plus wide choice of integrations, lets merchants and acquirers choose the services that meet their needs. 
Payment acceptance: Accept payments from over 190 countries and territories across the world, across multiple channels.
Fraud management: CyberSource Decision Manager is a multi-layered fraud management solution. From account monitoring to  fraud detection, rules tuning to 3DS authentication and analytics, we help you reduce fraud losses, help maximise revenue, and help minimise costs.        
Payment security: Keep sensitive payment data off your payment environment. Our Secure Acceptance and Tokenisation services reduce exposure to risk and simplifies PCI compliance.

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Collecting payments

Distributing payments

Fraud prevention (measures)
CyberSource robust fraud management solutions include machine learning insights from more than 68 billion annual Visa and CyberSource transactions processed worldwide; over 260 validation tests including device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and other data; flexible rules and profiles to customise your fraud strategy to business needs, automated order screening; the ability to test different fraud strategies on your own historical data before putting them into production; easy-to-use manual review dashboard that supports efficient case management; real-time reporting and analytics help optimise fraud management operations

Fraud prevention partners
DataCheck, FraudPrevent, Emailage

Other services
Global Tax Calculation, Recurring Billing, Account Updater, and Dynamic Currency Conversion

Third parties
CyberSource has 130+ acquirer and processor partners. See:

Direct connections

Batch processing 

Per order processing

Merchant pages (direct model)

PSP pages (redirect model)

The CyberSource Simple Order API enables you to access CyberSource services using name-value pairs, XML, or SOAP toolkit. The Simple Order API clients are available in various combinations of programming languages (ASP/COM, C/C++, Java, .NET, PHP, Perl), platforms (Windows, Solaris, Linux), and interfaces (name-value pairs, XML, SOAP).