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Helping you build digital trust so people get on with their digital lives

Callsign makes digital life smoother and safer by helping organisations establish and preserve digital trust so people can get on with their digital lives. 

The first true representation of identity online, Callsign positively identifies users by their unique characteristics, replicating real-life recognition signals with AI models.

The only solution to identify people across every journey, channel, and brand, Callsign makes digital identification seamless and secure, helping drive business growth.

Target group 

  • Banks/FS
  • Fintech
  • Merchants/ecommerce
  • PSP/acquirers
  • Telecom
  • Other (marketplaces – regulated entities)

Contact details

Geographical presence 


Year founded 


Member of industry association and/or initiatives

MRC, BRC, UK Finance

Company’s motto 

Helping you build digital trust so people get on with their digital lives 

Core solution


  • Fraud/risk management and decisioning platform
  • Customer authentication
  • Identity verification
  • Behavioural biometrics
  • Data provider and intelligence
  • Bot risk management
  • KYB/Merchant onboarding
  • KYC 

Problems the company solves

Callsign’s Intelligence-Driven Authentication (IDA) positively identifies users based on their inherent characteristics. 

We use deep learning techniques combining event, threat, and behavioural analytics with multi-factor authentication to provide risk intelligence in real time – enabling organisations to intelligently adjust authentication journeys and catch fraudulent activity more effectively.

With Callsign, you can deliver seamless experiences and greater security at a lower cost. 


  • Cloud enabled
  • Native cloud
  • On-premise
  • Hybrid

Data input

Identity verification

  • Identity document scanning third party capability
  • Video scanning third party capability
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) validation third party capability
  • Small transaction verification third party capability
  • Email verification third party capability
  • Phone verification proprietary capability
  • Social verification third party capability
  • Credit check third party capability
  • Compliance check third party capability

Online authentication

  • Behavioural biometrics proprietary capability
  • Physical biometrics third party capability
  • Device fingerprinting proprietary capability
  • Geo-location proprietary capability
  • Remote access detection proprietary capability
  • Mobile app push proprietary capability
  • 3-D Secure 2.0 proprietary capability
  • Hardware token proprietary capability
  • One-time passwords proprietary capability
  • Knowledge-based authentication proprietary capability


  • Abuse list proprietary capability
  • Monitoring third party capability
  • Address verification third party capability
  • Credit bureau third party capability
  • Information sharing third party capability

Data ingestion/third-party data

Stateless data ingestion and augmentation 

  • Rule-based ML (Machine learning)
  • Supervised ML 


  • Manual review
  • Decision orchestration

Business model

Pricing model

Bespoke/For more details, please contact our sales team. 

Fraud prevention partners 

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Year over year growth rate

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Number of employees 

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Future developments

A pioneer in digital identity, Callsign is developing unique, marketing leading capabilities, including gamified authenticators and real time social engineering prevention technology. 

Customers reference

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