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Company description

Brite leverages Open Banking to offer an innovative instant payments solution that allows merchants and customers to make account-to-account (A2A) payments without creating an account, downloading an app, or being redirected to a payments page. Users complete payment using top-of-mind banking information – no sign-up forms or additional passwords. 

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Head office

Stockholm, Sweden

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Lena Hackelöer

Funding rounds and investors

USD 60 million funding round announced in October 2023, led by specialist B2B software investor Dawn Capital and joined by Headline and existing investor Incore.

Number of employees


Member of industry associations

Swedish FinTech Association


  • Retail Systems Awards 2023 - 'Payments System of the Year' - Winner
  • PayTech Awards 2023 - 'PayTech Startup of the Year' - Highly Commended
  • Open Banking Expo Awards 2023 - 'Women in Open Banking - Woman of the Year' (Lena Hackelöer) - Winner"

Contact / +46101888777

Core solution

The company`s core solutions

  • Brite Instant Payments enable low-friction, secure, and cost-effective account-to-account (A2A) fund transfers through Open Banking APIs. 
  • Brite Instant Payouts facilitate instant payouts from businesses to their customers, with the Time2Money feature letting end users know exactly when their money will arrive.

What problem does the company solve?

The payments sector is still plagued by inefficiencies – including how merchants implement new payment options for their customers. Brite Payments leverages the capabilities of Open Banking to give merchants and businesses a complete and easy-to-integrate instant payments and payouts solution that delivers bottom-line cost savings as well as top-line revenue growth.

Major use cases & products 

Brite serves customers in a growing number of industries and verticals where instant bank payments and payouts offer numerous advantages over traditional card-based payments. Instant payments facilitated by Open Banking deliver operational cost-savings, a smoother customer experience, reduced fraud risk, and elimination of chargebacks. 

Competitive advantage

Seamless payments and superfast payouts, powered by the Brite Instant Payments Network (IPN). Brite IPN offers significant advantages over traditional Open Banking payments (i.e. PIS) by taking full receipt of incoming funds and settling them rapidly on behalf of merchants across Europe. The Open Banking-first proprietary network enables 24/7/365 instant payments processing.

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported


Geographical coverage


Connected banks

Brite is connected to more than 3,800 banks across Europe, touching more than 350 million end consumers.
What account type do you serve: consumer, business, or corporate? Brite operates a B2B2C model, meaning that its customers are merchants and businesses, while end consumers interact with the product and use Brite as a payment method. 

Account coverage across countries/regions

95%+ in core markets

Do you offer a developer portal? 
What tooling do you provide for developers?
Do you provide sandboxes and a testing environment?

Brite Docs provides everything that is needed to get started. Brite, including technical implementation guidelines and developer API documentation.

Number of signed-up developers

For details please contact our team at

Number of total end users

For details please contact our team at

Target market

Target segments/industries

Ecommerce, online marketplaces, ticketing, travel, consumer finance, insurance, neobrokers and trading platforms, money remittance, EV infrastructure, freelance and gig worker platforms. 

Current customers 

Customer stories:


Type of technology used

Native cloud

Software language

Python, Javascript, Typescript

Software developement tools


When was the core technology developed



Supported licences

Licenced by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority for operations across EU/EEA.


Distribution channels

Direct integration with merchants and through PSP partners.

Business model

Pricing model

Transaction-based pricing model (for more details contact our team at

Revenue streams

Merchant service fees

Case studies

Case studies – examples 

Auctionet: Bringing auction payments into the 21st Century
Gigleer: Pioneering instant payouts in the hospitality industry
Work Performance: Streamlining household services with instant payments

Product roadmap

Planned features and releases Further geographic expansion is planned for 2024, as well as strengthening the product offering within existing markets. Recent funding will also help drive further development of the Brite Instant Payments Network (Brite IPN); a proprietary network that is the backbone of the company’s offering.