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Global B2B Banking Services

Innovative global scale financial utility, Banking Circle, is underpinning the service proposition of fintechs, PSPs, FX businesses, and banks. Banking Circle members can offer banking services – from local or cross-border payments to business loans – to their customers and help them to trade globally and efficiently at low cost.

Service provider type

Financial infrastructure provider


SWIFT, BACS, Faster Payments, Chaps, SEPA.


Unique selling points

Banking Circle enables cross-border transfers to happen in seconds, at very low cost, in multiple currencies and in a secure cloud-based environment. Payment service buinesses and banks can add value to their proposition by joining Banking Circle and offering their merchants own-branded global banking services including payments, IBAN accounts, and flexible lending.

Core services

Banking Circle provides global banking services for payments businesses and banks, allowing them to offer their customers access to fast, low-cost banking services, including local and cross-border payments, IBAN accounts, and flexible business lending.

What problem does your company solve?

Financial exclusion caused by inaccessible, high cost, slow banking, lending, and payments for businesses around the world.

Potential reach

Businesses in all regions, via their bank or payment provider

Reference customers

Shopify, Novalnet, Nuvei, Airwallex, Alibaba, PPRO, Paysafe, Stripe.


Information available upon request.

Collecting payments


Distributing payments


Fraud prevention (measures)

AML checks, SDD, KYC

Fraud prevention partners

Information available upon request.

Other services

Information available upon request.

Third parties

Information available upon request.


Direct connections


Batch processing 


Per order processing