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Arvato Financial Solutions provides professional financial services to renowned international brands as well as respected local businesses — allowing them to leave their credit management to a professional. The services centre around cash flow in all segments of the customer lifecycle: from risk management to payment, factoring, and accounting services to debt collection. 

Service Provider Type
Fraud/risk management and decisioning platform
Identity verification
Chargebacks management
Bot risk management

Member of industry associations and or initiatives
Merchant Risk Council, EHI Retail Institute

Target Markets

Geographical presence


Core services
Unblocking as many orders as possible that were flagged for manual order review – 24/7/365

Pricing Model
Pricing is per transaction and based on volume and complexity.

Fraud prevention partners
More information available upon request.

Cloud enabled

Data input
Identity verification

Identity document scanning yes
Email verification yes
Phone verification yes
Social verification yes

Online authentication
Behavioural biometrics yes - via third party
Physical biometrics yes - via third party
Device fingerprinting yes - via third party
Geo-location yes
Remote access detection yes - via third party
Mobile app push yes - via third party
3-D Secure 2.0 yes - via third party
Hardware token yes - via third party
One-time passwords yes - via third party
Knowledge-based authentication yes

Abuse list yes
Monitoring yes
Address verification yes
Credit bureau yes - via third party
Information sharing yes

Data ingestion/third-party data
Stateless data ingestion and augmentation yes

Main clients / references
Fashion, PSPs, fraud provider, marketplaces

Year over year growth rate


Number of employees

300 (for Order Reviews)

Future developments
Working on Fraud Guarantees