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Powering better journeys through travel technology

Amadeus puts travel companies in control of their payments strategy, helping them take payment from their customers, pay  suppliers, and optimise both. We apply global expertise and a network of trusted partnerships integrated into our smart payment Hub to provide travel companies and their customers with a seamless payments experience. 

Service provider type

Payment gateway, online payment, payment processing
multi-currency, PCI, ecommerce, alternative payments, afterpayments


Credit cards

24 different card types including Amex, VISA, JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, UATP, AirPlus

Debit cards

24 different card types including Amex, VISA, JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, UATP, AirPlus.

Pre-paid cards

9 different prepaid card types

Online banking

84 different online bank transfer methods


12 different eWallet payment methods

Mobile / SMS / IVR

27 mobile payment methods

Alternative payment methods

We can provide naccess to over 300 different payment methods workdwide 


Airport payments, Secure call centre payments

Connected companies (#)

We are connected to over 70 different payment partners

Companies PSP is connected to

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Settlement currencies (acquirers)



Unique selling points

We are fully dedicated to travel with payment solutions for travel specific use cases, such as airport payments. 
We offer unparalleled reach, processing payments in 192 countries.
We offer a single entry point where travel companies can manage all their payment processes and providers across all marketing, in all channels through a single interface.

Core services 

Fraud screening, tokenisation, payment acceptance (cards and amops), settlement and reconciliation, supplier payments. 


Available on request

Collecting payments


Distributing payments


Fraud prevention (measures)

• verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, JCB J/Secure, Discover/Diners Club ProtectBuy, American Express SafeKey
• fraud checks provided by industry leading partners. 
• we are able to perform fraud checks in all travel related channels including travel agency bookings, and for travel specific use cases such as ticket exchange 

Fraud prevention partners

Accertify, ACI, Cybersource 

Credit management (services)

Purchase on credit provided by partners. 

Other services

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Third parties

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Direct connections


Batch processing


Per order processing


Merchant pages (direct model)


PSP pages (redirect model)



Web services, SOAP, XML (specifications available upon request), Rest  J/SON


HTTPS, SSL+, PKI, Dedicated Lines, PCI Certrified