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Shop now, pay later

AfterPay –  from Arvato Financial Solutions, soon-to-be Riverty – lets consumers and partners live their best financial lives. Their BNPL products are available in nine markets in Europe and consist of five payment services: the 14-day Invoice, Campaign Invoice, Consolidated Invoice, Fixed Instalments, AfterPay Flex, and soon-to-be-launched Split in 3. 

How the payment method works

Consumers select AfterPay to pay when shopping online. The payment is then due after receipt of the order. Quick, easy, and safe. The payment term depends on the service that the customer has selected. For connected merchants, AfterPay is a marketing, loyalty, and payments tool in one. It means more orders and more revenue. Orders are always paid out. 

Target market

Merchants: fashion, sports, home decor, home improvement (DYI), beauty pharmaceuticals, pet accessories and food, electronics, parking, public transportation, travel, other retail

Contact details

Operational area

Central and Northern Europe – Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Denmark

Year founded



Over 100 million consumers across the nine markets.


More than 5,000 merchants in Europe

Market share

NL: 34% of shoppers have used a PAD solution in the past 6 months (and 18% of all online purchases are made using PAD). 48% of shoppers express an explicit PAD related need. 

DE: 31% of shoppers have used a PAD solution in the past 6 months (and 10% of all online purchases are made using PAD). 53% of shoppers express an explicit PAD related need.

Implementation requirements (non technical)

Direct integration or integration via PSP/ ecommerce platform

Company's motto

Shop now, pay later

Payment type

Buy Now, Pay Later/Instalments/Pay by invoice


  • Business model: Consumers complete their purchase, while not yet paying for the goods – this can be done later when the consumer is certain to retain the products. AfterPay then sends the payment instructions to the consumer, who can pay via the consumer portal/APP or via classical bank transfer. Consumers also have the flexibility to pause a payment, convert it to an instalment plan, or split payments.

  • Payment instruments used: No card needed to start instalment plan. Independent risk scoring. 

  • Credit check: Yes

  • Credit application: Yes, using local standards

  • Late fees: Dependent on country, order value and step of dunning. Starting at EUR 2,50. 

  • Interest rates: Starting at 0%









Settlement currencies

Like for like (EUR, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF)

Processing currencies

Local currency (EUR, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF)

Currency available for customers

Local currency

Implementation requirements

Direct integration or integration via PSPs/ ecommerce platform

Chargeback/Buyer protection

AfterPay does not enforce a strict buyer protection policy. Instead, we act as a moderator and ensure a good experience for all parties involved.


With each settlement, a reconciliation file is created that includes all references needed for an automated reconciliation process. The reconciliation can also be done via selected partners.

Fraud prevention (measures)/Risk management

AfterPay takes over the full risk of a transaction – both from a credit risk and from a fraud risk. Deeply integrated risk services can be applied.

Pricing/Fees structure

Per-transaction processing fee (fixed amount) plus processing fee (variable amount on the basket amount before or after returns). No setup fee.


Integration technology

Direct integration via a server to server API (JSON REST) or via partners (PSPs/ecommerce platforms)

Integration support

Dedicated integration manager as SPOC