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Payments for Business

Advapay help clients to start and run their fintech companies. We provide the full lifecycle of services for fintechs – business consulting, including the licencing stage, ready-to-use core banking and payment platform, and connection to different partners. Our customers are e-money and payment institutions and crypto processors.

Service provider type
Payment and core banking software provider

Unique selling points
The full suite of technology solutions and business services to cover the planning, starting and running fintech business.

Core services
Payment and core banking software, payment and core banking SaaS

Other services
Consultancies for fintech companies:
- development of a business model and product line;
- assistance in opening of a safeguarding account;
- development of internal policies and procedures;
- preparation of application documentation;
- development of a business plan and IT solution scheme.

Customers Onboarding
Personal and corporate client profile, customers registration application processing, customers categories management

Customer identification and verification to ensure compliance with AML and KYC regulation

Accounts and accounting
Multi-currency accounts, IBAN generation, multi-IBAN support, correspondent accounts

Payments and transfer processing
Outgoing and incoming international payment processing

Currency exchange and rates
Flexible accounting settings, automatic downloading of currency rates, setting a fixed and/or percentage mark-up on the rates 

Tariffs and fees
Setting of tariffs and fees for different payment types (SWIFT, SEPA, internal) and client categories

SMS gateway and Email service
Notifications for users via email and SMS, SMS and email with one-time passwords

Cobranding cards issuing
Issuing of plastic and virtual cards, replenishment, blocking etc.; personal cabinet

Payment Acquiring
Acquiring of Visa/Mastercard cards, payment to cards

Money transfers
Money remittance, transfers via external money remitters

Internet/mobile banking
Two-factor payment authorisation, mobile App for iOS and Android, templates for payments, currency exchange, reporting

Mobile OTP/MAC generator (mobile token)
Generation of one-time-password for web and mobile banking, compliance with PSD2 RTS SCA 

Banks (SEPA, Target2)
SWIFT Alliance Lite 2
Payments card providers (Visa/Mastercard)
Remittance networks
FX platforms
Live currency rate updates
Live cryptocurrency rates updates
KYC, AML service providers

Banking API (SOAP / JSON) 
Private SOAP API for trusted and verified systems including other instances of software, Open API acording to PSD2 requirements for interactions with third-party providers

API for merchants (Internet-shops) of PSP
Different merchant APIs based on Private SOAP API

Analytics and reporting
Built-in configurable reporting system providing financial reports, statements for accounts, business reports etc.;
Separate set of technical reports;
Additional analytics tools may be implemented while constructing specific report.

Business logic setup
Built-in Visual editor of business processes workflow

System administration
Access level configurator for user profiles, user role setup, configurable action log view

Front office, back office
Back office and client web interface (front office), the back office includes the operator/manager module and administrator module.

Friendly user interface for web-bank and mobile apps, Native Windows interface for Operator and Admin Modules

Strong customer identification complies with PSD2 and GDPR;
SCA (Strong Customer Authentication): two-factor secure authentication;
OTP/MAC solution for SCA;
Real-time fraud detection and prevention;
Secure processing and storage of sensitive payment data;
Compliant with secure transactional data exchange and maintenance standard ISO20022;
Open API for secure transaction data exchange with external service providers.

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