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ACI Worldwide delivers mission-critical real-time payment solutions that power omni-commerce and ecommerce payments while managing fraud and risk. We are driving the digital transformation of merchants and PSPs to help them meet the real-time payment needs of their consumers and business customers.


Native cloud SaaS

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Member of industry association and or initiativesMRC, IMRG, Vendorcom, MAGServices

Unique selling points 

Multi-layered ecommerce and m-commerce fraud solution focused on enabling merchants to sell more and lose less: industry leading KPIs; patented incremental machine learning models; rich, global consortium data; support from expert risk analysts as an inclusive part of the service.

Pricing model

Pricing is per transaction and based on volume and complexity or SaaS-based pricing model

Fraud prevention partners

Including Arvato, Ekata, iovation, Neustar, Perseuss, emailage, Threatmetrix

Other services

Independent ecommerce payments gateway connecting to 250+ acquirers and APMs, including pay later methods

Third party connection

To partners as above

Technology: fraud prevention methods

ACI offers a multi-layered fraud prevention solution. This combines advanced machine learning models with positive profiling capabilities, global fraud intelligence and multi-channel strategies to increase conversion while reducing fraud and chargebacks.  The solution includes integrated third-party services including manual reviews and chargeback management. Designated expert risk analysts with global experience are an inclusive part of the service and work closely with customers to tailor fraud strategies  by product, channel, market sector, and geography. 

Fraud prevention technology used

ACI’s comprehensive fraud prevention solution combines proprietary tools and technologies with best-in-class technology from third-party partners. These technologies include: advanced consortium, sector and/or custom machine learning models delivering enhanced long-term performance, behavioural analytics and customer profiling, IP geo-location, device ID, account/customer verification, silent mode facility for champion/challenger strategy development, real-time business intelligence portal with transaction analysis and reporting capabilities. ACI also offers a complete range of data security solutions, including tokenization capabilities and Validated Point-to-Point encryption, as well as supporting EMV transactions.

Authentication context


Call centre 

Mail order

Contextual commerce

Reference Data connectivity

Connectivity to governmental data


Other databases

Positive and negative lists


Main clients/references

Aegean Airlines, Amadeus, Crew Clothing, EE, HyperPay, John Lewis, Mango

Future developments

Continued expansion of third-party orchestration offering automated call-out to selected 3rd party partners and absorbing responses within the strategy