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We’ve Got Your Back

Accertify is a leading provider of fraud prevention, chargeback management, digital identity, and payment gateway solutions to customers spanning ecommerce, financial services, and other diverse industries worldwide. Accertify’s layered risk platform, machine learning backbone, and rich reputational community database enable businesses to address challenges across the entire customer journey without impacting the customer experience.

Year founded


Target group 

  • Merchants/ecommerce

  • PSP/acquirers

  • Bank/FS

Supported regions



Michelle DiDomenico -   

Company's tagline

We’ve Got Your Back

Member of industry association and/or initiatives

MRC, FIDO, SOTER, Payments Ed, NRF, Amadeus

Core solution 

  • Fraud/risk management and decisioning platform

  • Customer authentication

  • Behavioural biometrics

  • Chargebacks management

  • Data provider and intelligence

Core solution/problems the company solves

Enable organisations to mitigate risk/fraud, increase revenues, and deliver a differentiated customer experience.


Cloud enabled

Data input

Identity verification

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) validation proprietary capability and via third party 

  • Email verification proprietary capability and via third party 

  • Phone verification via third party 

  • Social verification via third party 

  • Compliance check via third party 

Online authentication

  • Behavioural biometrics proprietary capability

  • Device fingerprinting proprietary capability

  • Geo-location proprietary capability

  • Remote access detection proprietary capability

  • Mobile app push proprietary capability

  • 3-D Secure 2.0 via third party 

  • One-time passwords via third party 

  • Knowledge-based authentication via  third party 


  • Abuse list proprietary capability

  • Monitoring proprietary capability

  • Address verification via third party 

  • Credit bureau via third party

  • Information sharing proprietary capability

Data ingestion/third-party data

Stateless data ingestion and augmentation 


Machine learning 



  • Manual review 

  • Case management

  • Decision orchestration

Chargeback management

  • Chargeback dispute

  • Guaranteed fraud protection

Business model

Fraud prevention partners

American Express, Mastercard, Visa, LexisNexis, Credit Bureaus, Amadeus

Number of employees


Future developments

C.A.R.E (Claims, Adjustments, Returns, Exchanges) will be a future development for Accertify. By tracking customer interactions and aggregating data around key metrics and abuse indictors, C.A.R.E expands a merchant’s capacity to stop financial loss via informed, data-driven decisions. We will also continue to enhance our industry specific machine learning models. More information on this and other enhancements is available upon request.

Customers reference

Please reference our case studies and customers listed on our website

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