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4Stop provides a simple, modern, fail-safe, and all-in-one risk management tool

4Stop provides global KYB, KYC, compliance, anti-fraud, data science, and monitoring technology – available from one API. Businesses access thousands of data services with real-time activation backed behind customised and dynamic cascading verification and decision-making frameworks – thus, establishing a centralised view-of-risk, saving businesses money and resources managing risk data and operations.

Target group 

Other online businesses (crypto businesses, FX platform businesses, online communities/web merchants, government services)

Supported regions

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Company's motto To provide a simple, modern, fail-safe, and all-in-one risk management tool that brings future-proofed sustainability on mitigating global risk for online entities.

Member of industry association and/or initiatives

Core solution/problems the company solves
4Stop offers the world's first complete data and risk marketplace to access hundreds of identity, compliance, and payment data services with automated, dynamic decision-making anti-fraud technology – from one API.

Cloud platform

Data input
Identity verification

Identity document scanning via proprietary capability and third party
Video scanning via third party
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) validation via proprietary capability and third party
Small transaction verification via third party
Email verification via third party
Phone verification via third party
Credit check via third party
Compliance check via third party

Online authentication
Behavioural biometrics via third party
Physical biometrics via third party
Device fingerprinting via proprietary capability and third party
Geo-location via third party
Remote access detection via third party
Mobile app push via third party
Hardware token via third party
One-time passwords via third party
Knowledge-based authentication via third party

Abuse list via proprietary capability and third party
Monitoring via proprietary capability and third party
Address verification via third party
Credit bureau via third party
Information sharing via proprietary capability and third party

Data ingestion/third-party data
Stateless data ingestion and augmentation yes

Supervised ML

Manual review
Case management
Decision orchestration

Chargeback management 

Business model

Pricing model
Pricing is per 'Core Service' and/or 'Verification KYC' transaction and based on volume and complexity.

Fraud prevention partners
Webshield, ComplyAdvantage, Jumio, TransUnion

Year over year growth rate
101% revenue growth YoY

Number of employees

Future developments
  • Machine learning/Enhanced smart rules hub;

  • Enhanced UIUX Experience;

  • Enriched KYB/KYC Solution – on-going data aggregation and integrated KYB/KYC data services;

  • New Data Hub Experience with AI Catalogue, AI driven recommendations, enterprise-level platform plug-ins, data selection wizard, and custom data modelling;

  • Advanced Workspaces including enriching our, custom workflow builder, automated case management, custom checklists and alerting, automated re-checks, and customisable queues.

Customers reference Mifinity, Gatehub, Paysend, Paymentz, eMerchantPay, Paytah by Monetum, 123Signed, HexoPay

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Neusser Straße, 85 +49-221-7894-7410
50670 Köln;