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Discover all the Company news on Wells Fargo and other articles related to Wells Fargo in The Paypers News,

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Wells Fargo launches Signify Business Cash Mastercard

News | Cards | 10 May 2024

US-based bank Wells Fargo has introduced the Signify Business Cash Mastercard for simplified cash rewards, tailored for small business success.

loyalty programme, credit card, digital wallet, product launch, cash

Wells Fargo partners with TradeSun for trade finance digitalisation

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 19 Apr 2024

TradeSun and Wells Fargo have announced a collaboration aimed at enhancing trade finance and compliance processes within the banking industry.

partnership, trade finance, compliance, digitalisation, artificial intelligence

Wells Fargo partners with Setpoint

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Feb 2024

US-based bank Wells Fargo has partnered with Setpoint, a financial services provider, to enable the latter to expand its payment disbursement capabilities. 

digital banking, banks, partnership, online banking, digital payments

Wells Fargo expands access to its financial planning tool

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 Oct 2023

US-based bank Wells Fargo has expanded access to a financial planning tool to its nearly 70 million customers.

mobile banking, credit scoring, investment, money transfer, banking

Wells Fargo sells its private equity fund investments

News | Payments General | 02 Oct 2023

US-based financial services company Wells Fargo has sold approximately USD 2 billion of private equity investments in certain NEP and NMP funds.

investment, mobile banking, digital banking, online banking, financial services, financial institutions

American Banks to compete with Big Tech by launching a mobile wallet

News | Mobile Payments | 19 Sep 2023

A group of banks such as JP Morgan and Bank of America have revealed their plans to launch a mobile wallet named Paze in a bid to compete with Big Tech companies.

mobile payments, digital wallet, partnership, banks

ChargeAfter partners with Wells Fargo

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 17 Aug 2023

US-based multi-lender point-of-sale platform ChargeAfter has partnered with Wells Fargo to expand its embedded lender network.

partnership, POS, merchants, banking, lending, POS lending, financial services

Versatile Credit and Nationwide Marketing Group join forces with Wells Fargo

News | Payments General | 16 Aug 2023

Versatile Credit, a credit aggregation for merchants and lenders, and Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) have launched a consumer financing portal in collaboration with Wells Fargo.

fintech, banking, product launch, financial services

Wells Fargo launches LifeSync

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Feb 2023

US-based financial institution Wells Fargo has announced the launch of its digital planning platform LifeSync, which will be available on its mobile application.

product launch, online banking, digital banking, financial services, financial institutions

Seven banks team up to launch digital wallet

News | Payments General | 24 Jan 2023

Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and four other banks have teamed up to launch a digital wallet that people can use to shop online. 

banks, payments , e-wallet, partnership, product launch

Wells Fargo fined USD 3.7 bln for illegal activities

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 22 Dec 2022

Federal regulators have fined Wells Fargo a record USD 1.7 billion for ‘widespread mismanagement’ over multiple years that harmed over 16 million consumer accounts.

regulation, banks, payments , scam, financial institutions

Wells Fargo launches new commercial banking portal for business clients

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 05 Dec 2022

Wells Fargo has rolled out a one-stop banking platform equipped with artificial intelligence and Machine learning to help clients personalise their accounts.

banks, product launch, artificial intelligence, machine learning, fintech

HSBC partners Wells Fargo to expand a DLT solution for FX settlements

News | Cryptocurrencies | 21 Nov 2022

HSBC Bank has partnered Wells Fargo to update a distributed ledger technology solution for foreign exchange settlements to include CNH (offshore yuan).

DLT, product upgrade, partnership, blockchain

Wells Fargo launches Flex Loan, a small dollar digital financing solution

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 17 Nov 2022

US-based Wells Fargo has rolled out Flex Loan, a small dollar loan to help customers meet short-term cash needs and avoid potential overdrafts.

lending, product launch, personal finance management, cash management, mobile banking

US banking community starts digital dollar pilot

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 17 Nov 2022

Members of the US banking community have launched a proof of concept (PoC) project that will explore the feasibility of an interoperable digital money platform known as the regulated liability network (RLN). 

partnership, banks, DLT, digital currency, blockchain

Wells Fargo introduces points-earning credit card

News | Cards | 29 Jun 2022

US-based Wells Fargo has introduced the Wells Fargo Autograph Card, a new points-earning credit card with no annual fee.

product launch, credit card, cashback, gift card