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Discover all the Company news on Weavr and other articles related to Weavr in The Paypers News, Reports, and

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SaaS PMs open to implementing Embedded Finance

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 22 May 2024

UK-based Weavr has uncovered new research underlining that the majority of B2B SaaS product managers intend to integrate Embedded Finance into their operations. 

research, SaaS, B2B payments, embedded finance, embedded payments, debit card

Club Employes chooses Weavr to augment employee benefits

News | Cards | 31 Jan 2024

France-based employee benefits platform Club Employes has teamed up with embedded finance startup Weavr to support a debit card solution for employee benefits.

debit card, loyalty programme, embedded finance, partnership, corporate card

Weavr to quit Open Banking payments app Comma

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 03 Oct 2023

Weavr has planned to shut down its Open Banking payments app Comma as a standalone product, but will use its underlying technology in its embedded finance offering.

Open Banking, B2B payments, recurring payments, embedded finance, API

Weavr's whitepaper showcases the approach of UK banks on embedded finance

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 06 Sep 2023

Weavr has compiled a whitepaper from independent research and surveys to provide a comprehensive look on embedded finance offerings and aspirations of financial institutions.

embedded finance, research, survey, financial institutions, compliance, Consumer Duty

Weavr rolls out Embedded Finance Cloud

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 27 Jun 2023

Embedded finance startup Weavr has announced the launch of Embedded Finance Cloud to enable financial institutions to create and distribute embeddable financial products.

embedded finance, product launch, compliance, banks, fintech

Weavr partners Visa to accelerate embedded finance adoption

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 02 Jun 2023

UK-based plug-and-play finance specialist Weavr has partnered with Visa to accelerate the adoption of embedded finance.

embedded payments, embedded finance, partnership, digital payments

Weavr acquires Comma Payments

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 07 Mar 2023

Weavr has confirmed the acquisition of B2B Open Banking platform, Comma Payments, in a first-of-its-kind deal within the world of embedded finance. 

acquisition, embedded finance, Open Banking, BaaS, accounts payable

Empowering businesses via embedded finance – interview with Weavr

Interviews | Payments General | 14 Dec 2022

Adrian Mizzi, Weavr's co-founder and CTO, shares the latest trends and applications of embedded finance (EF), with B2B EF taking centre stage in 2023

fintech, embedded finance, API, banking, B2B payments

Weavr to expand to Singapore

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 02 Nov 2022

Weavr, a UK-based technology provider that offers businesses plug-and-play embedded finance solutions, has announced its launch in Singapore.

expansion, embedded finance, investment, financial services, SMEs

Plug-and-Play Finance, the next step for embedded finance – Weavr interview

Interviews | Online & Mobile Banking | 22 Aug 2022

Alex Mifsud, co-founder and CEO of Weavr, explains how embedded finance is expected to develop, what it means for financial inclusion and what Plug-and-Play Finance has to offer.

embedded finance, financial services, SMEs, payments , risk management, compliance, BaaS, fintech, cash flow, financial institutions

Weavr adds three new Financial Plug-ins

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 Aug 2022

Weavr, a UK-based Plug-and-Play Finance solutions provider, has announced the evolution of its solution with three new Financial Plug-ins.

product launch, financial services, SaaS, B2B payments, embedded finance

Weavr enters Portugal in Europe expansion

News | Payments General | 16 Jun 2022

UK-based fintech Weavr has launched its ‘Plug-and-Play’ solutions in Portugal and signed deals with two local companies.

BaaS, expansion, compliance, regulation, startup, embedded finance