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Discover all the Company news on Computop and other articles related to Computop in The Paypers News, Reports, and

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The key benefits of an acquirer-agnostic payment gateway

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 02 Aug 2023

Merchants require acquirers to process payments. In this article, Ralf Gladis, CEO at Computop, looks at the different options and addresses the key considerations when making a choice. 

ecommerce, merchants, PSP, Acquirer, omnichannel

Nexi acquires 30 per cent stake in Computop

News | Payments General | 01 Aug 2023

Europe-based paytech Nexi Group has announced the acquisition of a 30% stake in Germany-based payment service provider Computop, with retroactive effect from 1 January 2023.

acquisition, partnership, paytech, ecommerce, fintech, PSP, merchants, omnichannel, POS, payments , expansion, retail

MPE 2023 – video interview with Riverty and Computop

Interviews | Payments General | 15 May 2023

The Paypers has discussed with Ellen Kuder, Vice President Ecosystem Growth at Riverty, and Ralf Gladis, Founder & CEO at Computop, understanding all the details about the partnership between the two companies.

partnership, payments , merchant, PSP, BNPL, payment methods, digital payments, online payments, mobile payments, POS

Computop partners with Toll Collect

News | Payments General | 31 Mar 2023

International payment service provider Computop has partnered with Toll Collect to handle the payment processing for the latter’s Germany-based customers’ truck tolls.

partnership, payments , B2B payments, tolls, digital payments, card payments, payment processing, ecommerce, payments infrastructure, card scheme, credit card, payment methods, cross-border logistics, mobility, fintech, PSP, payment gateway

Computop launches new card terminals

News | Payments General | 22 Feb 2023

Payment service provider Computop has announced the expansion of its portfolio with the launch of three Linux-based card terminals from its Switzerland-based partner PayTec.

partnership, product launch, POS, card terminal, PSP, payment processing, omnichannel, ecommerce, payments , payment gateway, PCI compliance, fintech, encryption

Computop enables smartphones as cards terminals with its PhonePOS

News | Mobile Payments | 14 Feb 2023

Payment service provider Computop has enabled its retail customers to use their smartphones at the POS to accept contactless payments.

mobile payments, NFC, retail, product launch, digital payments

ESW's partnership with Computop now includes the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

News | Ecommerce | 12 Dec 2022

Ireland-based DTC commerce company ESW has extended its partnership with Computop to also use the latter’s Paygate payment platform in the US, Canada, and Australia.

partnership, Acquirer, ecommerce, payment processing, payment methods

Computop launches Cloud POS Interface for stores with multiple locations

News | Mobile Payments | 03 Nov 2022

Payment service provider Computop has launched the Cloud POS Interface for physical stores and operations with multiple locations or checkout points.

POS, product launch, merchants, payment processing

Token and Computop join forces

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Oct 2022

Token, an Open Banking payments platform, and Computop Paygate, a payment service provider (PSP), have joined forces.

Open Banking, merchants, partnership, PSP, account-to-account payment

Computop integrates new Amazon Pay interface for express checkout

News | Online Payments | 24 Feb 2022

Germany-based international payment service provider Computop has announced that online merchants who process payments via the Computop Paygate can now use Amazon Pay.

Amazon, mobile payments, payment processing, payment methods, online security, fintech, payment gateway

Computop and EVO certify POS terminals for international card acceptance

News | Mobile Payments | 12 Jan 2022

Germany-based payment service provider Computop and acquirer EVO have partnered to enable merchants to use unified POS terminals across Europe and connect them to their ecommerce businesses.

POS, partnership, certification, PCI compliance, payment processing, ecommerce, merchants