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JustPark brings paying for parking into the digital age

Monday 3 June 2019 10:52 CET | Voice of the industry

Working with CyberSource and partner Judopay, JustPark has integrated digital payments to reduce a five-minute process to less than 30 seconds

An out-of-date industry

CyberSource and Judopay are helping businesses embrace digital payments. As consumers move to mobile, and retailers and merchants are realising the opportunity, merchants can count on the latest payment technology, the freedom to scale and grow, and access to a global market.

An example of this relationship at work is JustPark. Nobody wants to pay for parking. It’s what’s called a grudge purchase. Something that gets in the way of what we’d all rather be doing – meeting our friends, catching a film, hitting the gym.

It doesn’t help that the way we normally pay for parking is old fashioned, too. It’s been much the same since the UK’s first parking meter opened in Mayfair in 1958. Of course, technology has come a long way since then, and most of us now expect to be able to do things digitally. Which means that, unless parking becomes integrated, seamless, secure, and slick, it’s going to stay a grudge purchase.

JustPark doesn’t want that. It wants to make parking better. In its view, this means:

Increasing transparency and fairness; reinvesting money back into roads, safety, and infrastructure – and giving customers full sight of the process.

Improving the experience; taking something that usually takes up to five minutes and reducing it to 30 seconds.

So JustPark developed an app that lets people find, reserve, and pay for parking through their smartphones.

Naturally, the payment process is a huge part of this experience. So JustPark was looking for a partner. One that could be their native payment service provider and take care of the payment processing side of the business, help build merchant-acquirer relationships so JustPark could accept more kinds of payments and tokens, and keep up with the demanding payment, uptime, and SLAs of JustPark’s public sector clients.

What it took to go digital

Enter Judopay, a payment technology company and CyberSource partner. Judopay lets merchants build payment services into their own app or service. So they can take payments everywhere, screen for fraud, secure tokenisation and payer authentication, and comply with regulations like PSD2 SCA.

The benefits of the partnership were clear right away. Judopay was looking for a merchant that was disruptive, high growth, and customer-driven. JustPark fit the bill. And in return, Judopay could offer the ability to scale support, clear reporting and communication, and Quick onboarding of new merchants.

JustPark and Judopay were a perfect match. And they’ve been working together for more than a year already. But it’s not the only relationship at play here.

Connecting these two services behind the scenes, and maintaining the merchant-acquirer relationship, is CyberSource. It’s our acquirer-agnostic platform that’s supporting greater flexibility and scale of payment. And it’s our platform which Judopay has partnered with and has integrated with its market-leading mobile software development kit (SDK).

With a foundation built in partnership with CyberSource, Judopay has been able to help JustPark enhance the customer experience, grow revenue, and reduce risk. And as a Visa-owned brand, CyberSource has added even more confidence to the partnership – putting the right payment processes in the right places and supporting popular local payment methods. So JustPark can prepare for growth on a global scale.

Into the future

With JustPark, Judopay, and CyberSource, parking is no longer a grudge purchase.

• Using Apple Pay or Google Pay, customers can register and pay in less than 30 seconds.

• JustPark can focus on the customer experience – because Judopay is taking care of the payments in-app while CyberSource manages the back end.

• JustPark is processing ten times the number of transactions it was 18 months ago.

Judopay has provided JustPark with the payment functionality for its native app. Through Judopay’s partnership with CyberSource, it’s enabled payment tokens like Apple Pay and Google Pay. It continues to serve JustPark as a dynamic partner that can offer new technology as it becomes available.

And JustPark has achieved what it’s set out to do. It’s made parking better. And created new opportunities for the future. What’s next? Maybe geolocation add-ons that offer local deals and services based on where the customer is parking. As habits change and parking moves on, JustPark won’t be facing challenges so much as facing opportunities.

About CyberSource

CyberSource is a global, modular payment management platform built on secure Visa infrastructure, with the insights of a USD 427 billion global processing network. It helps businesses enhance their customer experience, grow revenue, and mitigate risk. For more information, visit cybersource.com.

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