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PayToo Merchant Services to verify payments with biometrics

Tuesday 18 April 2017 | 09:06 AM CET

PayToo Merchant Services has unveiled its new payment technology, PayToo SmileandPay, using facial recognition and QR Code features, to verify payments.

PayToo SmileandPay reaffirms PayToo's commitment to make payments safer and more secure by reducing the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Upon checkout, first time users download the PayToo Assistant Application that let them authenticate ID, Selfie and card. The client who pays using PayToo SmileandPay, scans a QR Code, and validates the transaction by taking a Selfie. The merchant is never accessing or retaining any of the consumer's personal information.

PayToo Merchant Services is a division of PayToo, an electronic account and a substitute or alternative to a bank account in which consumers store their money.

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