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New software bug exposes Canadian gov websites to hackers

Wednesday 15 March 2017 | 10:53 AM CET

Canada`s government shut down its website for filing federal taxes after hackers broke into a web server at the nation`s statistics bureau by exploiting a newly disclosed software bug.

The first high-profile organization hacked is Statistics Canada, but authorities said for Reuters that they stopped the intrusion before hackers stole any data.

Other victims have not yet come forth, although security companies said they expect more attacks to surface after details on the easy-to-exploit vulnerability were posted on security forums and hacking websites, the online publication continues.

The bug was found in a software known as Apache Struts 2. The software is commonly used in websites of governments, banks, retailers and other large organizations. The vulnerability surfaced when the Apache Software Foundation released an update to fix the bug, saying it could enable hackers to gain remote control of a web server.

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